Nov 14, 2009


Rent this movie, if you haven't already seen it.


Anonymous said...

That montage at the beginning had me in tears. So sweet. Great movie!

the quirky one in the family said...

There is actually a $10 off coupon that you can use at wal-mart and get it for only $5.97. Here is the link

it says it is for the blue ray, but you can use it on either. I ended up buying two regular and two of the 4 disk blue ray sets. The blue ray set also has a dvd and a cd version (for your Itunes) and is only $19 (so $9 after the coupon). It expires tomorrow, though, so use it soon if you can! It was a great deal and a wonderful Christmas gift for neices and nephews.
Oh, and you can only print two coupons per computer.
Enjoy! The kids and I love that movie now!

Putz said...

you are a day late and a dollar short, saw that movie when it was first out months ago, of course i am talking to the girl who hasn't been camping in utar yet

NoSurfGirl said...

Dang it. I just realized, quirky one, that I've missed out on this. I read it this morning and mentally filed it away to think about later, and then just reread it and realized it ends today!!! ugh. Oh well.

michele said...

I cried at least five times during UP!