May 7, 2012

My Novel

I've kinda gypped you guys here. (Though I'm not sure how many of you worry enough to feel gypped.) But... my novel. It's published. You can learn all about it here. It's got a pretty cool cover. You should go look. (eeeee!) OK. And I've realized I don't have time to write everything I want to write, and so some things (you may have noticed) have fallen clear off the table. I'm not sure when that will change. But... if you would like, please update your rss feeds to my professional blog, where I'll likely be writing more often from now on. Or you could just like, add it to your list. Or whatever you want. My latest blog post over there: Writing Out the Murky Subconscious Wherein I talk of ghostwriting... that is, exorcizing ghosts of the past through writing.

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Donnell Allan said...

Congratulations, NoSurf! You really did it! You are amazing in so many ways and I'm glad I got to know you through your blog. Thank you for sharing this great news.