May 11, 2012

First Time Fishing

So, I went fishing for the first time in a long time, and first time ever in the famous Henry's Fork River. It went something like this:

6:15 pm: NSG: (catches tackle on bush, spends five minutes getting it out.)

6:20 pm: NSG: (giant cast. Line seems to be pointing up into the sky). NSG:(looking up) oh, it's caught over that telephone wire.

6:30 pm: NSG: (trying desperately to reel the line in, but spinner is yeilding no visible results)

Random guy who appears mysteriously out of the bushes: Do you need a net?

NSG: Huh? Oh, no. I think it's caught on a rock.

Random guy: you know, not that it's my business or anything, I mean, you can keep fishing here.

NSG: Huh?

Random guy: this side's not opened yet. I wouldn't want you to get in trouble.

NSG: (Glancing at the dam) Opened?

Random guy: you're not supposed to fish here yet. It opens on the first.

NSG: The first of what?

Random guy: The first of June. You know, the fishermens' breakfast?

NSG: Oh. I think I've heard of that. (pause) Can you help me get my line in?

Random guy: I think you're going to have to break it.

6:50 pm: (alone once more, casting in a more legal location)

fish:jumps out of the water and snaps at wildly-cast, flying tackle

NSG: (drops pole on ground)

NSG: (screams)

NSG: I guess there are fish here, then.

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Ryan Houston said...

Hahaha... love this. My first times fly-fishing involved untangling my fly from multiple branches, bushes, grasses, etc. I lost many flies on backcasts because I brought the fly forward too fast and snapped it off like a whip... :)

It gets easier...