Aug 5, 2013

Lightning Tree Giveaway :)

OK. I have good news for whichever of y'all haven't had the opportunity to read my novel, Lightning Tree, either because you don't have money for books (which I understand) or you tried to check it out of the library and there was a giant long waiting list you just didn't have time to worry about:

I'm giving away a copy FREE.
And guess what? Not that many people are going to know about this, because this is the first giveaway I have ever done. So you have a great chance of getting a free copy. Here's the plan. You have the chance of getting your name entered into the pot 5 times. You can get an entry for doing each of these things:

1) Share Lightning Tree on twitter.

2) Share Lightning Tree on facebook.

3) Like the Lightning Tree Facebook Page.

4) Like Lightning Tree on Goodreads.

5) Share and like my book trailer.

Once you've done one or more of these things, leave me a comment letting me know how many entries you get. Next Monday I'll do a drawing (or if I get a lot of entries, I'll use a web device that randomizes & chooses) and announce who won. And you'll get a free (signed, if you want) copy of my book! If you win and you have a copy already, you'll have one to give as a gift. And if you've done any of these things already, let me know in the comments, because it counts!

Thank you guys! Excited to see who wins! If I get a ton of entries, I'll give away two free copies just to keep the chances good :)


Kathy Cowley said...

I liked Lightning Tree on Facebook and posted about it on Twitter. (

Michael Asay said...
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Michael Asay said...

I did the first four things on your list.

Sarah Dunster said...

OK. We have a winner! I'll put it in a post this morning.