Aug 16, 2013

Yes, we do Kayak.

Jeff and I never go anywhere, because in our giant black mafia van we get around 14 miles per gallon if we're lucky. So any trip anywhere's going to cost roughly the same amount it would take to bring our family to the local waterpark. So we might as well go there, right?

It actually makes me ache inside. I love taking trips. I love nature. I love hiking and outdoorsy stuff. So when family or friends come to visit, I tend to push to go do stuff. It's an excuse... we need to show them around, right? And it's even better when Uncle Anthony and Aunt Jessica come, because they're the same way. They love adventure and the outdoors! SO yesterday, we spent the whole entire day going places and seeing things and doing things. It was wonderful.

And I am exhausted.

My kids looking down into amazingly clear water which springs out of the ground--the origin of the river that runs through our town. There are some magnificent trout there. Not for fishing however, just for looking.

I admit I tasted some. The most delicious water I have tasted, I think. I was tempted to fill my waterbottle, but I think that's probably illegal.


Joy Buhler said...

Um, there were no cows or sheep nearby that spring right? You did the right thing not drinking more of that "beautiful" spring water. You don't want anything to do with giardia. Glad you were able to get out and explore.

Sarah Dunster said...

No sheep or cows, but most likely deer. I've had Giardia before. But it was Ethiopian Giardia. Maybe i'm still susceptible to American Giardia.... I've been told it never really goes away but resides in your system forever. Not sure if that's true or not.

Sarah Dunster said...

looked it up. Nope--if there is immunity, it's regional. So google says.