Sep 6, 2013


So, the latest cute behaviors of baby Chumba are:

1) he used to say no, even when he meant yes. THen he started nodding and saying no, to differentiate it from just saying no when he really meant yes. It's a little confusing but we get it.

2) He still really loves me a lot. He'll lift up his arms when he sees me and say "mum? Mum?" And smile really big when I smile at him. He comes and cuddles with me. And when he wants something he has this string of babble he lets off, ending with the sound "ow." He loves the "ow" dipthong. Not sure why. But it's pretty cute.

3) He still wants to nurse. But I decided it's time to stop for good, when he bit me really good the other day. The kid has molars... I don't want to have to take myself to the emergency room to get embarrassing stuff sewn back on. Last night he pointed at my shirt and started trying to spread apart the neckline and I said "no nurse," and he sat back and gave me this very hurt, indignant look. I asked him if he wanted a bottle and he immediately said "Deh-Doo," (thank you) and started looking around so I think he was just thirsty.

4) He loves balls as much as our pet dog does. Sometimes it causes problems.

5) He loves putting his little tennis shoes on. He'll stretch out his legs so it's easier for me to put them on, and when I set him on the ground he likes to stomp so he can hear the echo of his shoes on the floor.

6) He loves to get crazy and wild playing with his brother Squirt and sister Rose. They all laugh like maniacs. Sometimes (usually) I have no idea what they're laughing about....

7) When someone's crying/upset, he becomes very solicitous, going over to them with wide eyes, watching them for a few minutes, then lays his head on their lap or shoulder, or tries to give them a hug or kiss.

8) These:

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