Sep 15, 2013

Harry Potter debate....

So, I am a complete nerd. I read Harry Potter about once a year. Jeff actually thinks I read it not once a year, but once per pregnancy... I get cravings for Harry like others get cravings for ice cream and pickles, and there are some who'd say the cravings are comparable in strangeness, too... (well, maybe not. I think everyone likes Harry Potter.) But anyway, with the same sort of passion a hormonal pregnant woman might defend her ice-cream-and-pickles, I inserted myself into a conversation about Harry Potter. With much the same overall effect... Click here if you want to join in.

(BTW. The person who wrote this post is pretty awesome. And she and I like a lot of the same books, So. That's why I had to debate with her about Harry.)


Emma Tank said...

Ha ha! Sarah, I love you!

We wondered what is the effect of ice cream and pickles?

Sarah Dunster said...

...that I come off with a tinge of wierdness, perhaps?