Sep 15, 2013

Update on Greenhouse Project & Unexpected (and Rather Biblical) Blessings...

SO, we have the windows. We are in the process of figuring out how to acquire our other needed supplies--cement, cinderblocks, lumber. And we've gone to the city to figure out what sort of permit we need (pretty much just a general one, which we're combining with the permit for our fencelines.)

I admit, this project is weighing on me. I want to get it done before winter. I want to start growing veggies as soon as our outside-garden dies. But in good news there, we have tomatoes, spinach, lettuce in abundance, lots of beets, lots of badishes (my word for the wierd oblong radishes we chose to grow this year) carrots, squash and even a couple of watermelons (right now about baseball size).

This last week, I canned/dehydrated 2 boxes of pears, 2 boxes of peaches, and a few pounds of apples.

And then a big surprise came over the weekend. A neighbor brought home 100 dead pheasants/partridges in the back of his truck from his friend's bird-shooting ranch. He needed to find people to take them and eat them or he'd throw them away. You know the one way to get my ethical vegetarian husband to be willing to use meat? Tell him you're going to waste it otherwise. He went over and claimed 25 lbs of partirdges and pheasants, mourning over the fact that people would just go shoot for fun & then throw away birds like they're garbage. He and I spent our date night deskinning/defeathering, dismembering, disemboweling and decapitating these birds. And now we have a lot of meat in our freezer.

The funny thing is, we'd just had a conversation the week before about how our girls are looking a little peaky & tired, & they're perched on the edge of adolescent growth spurts, and I (after much stewing internally) told Jeff I felt we needed to add meat into the diet. Just sparingly... once a week, in a stew or casserole or something. But I've felt like this is right. JEff's counter argument was that he felt that meat would do more harm than good. They pump those chickens so full of hormones & antibiotics. He felt our girls would be in danger of breast cancer and other ailments if we started exposing them regularly (instead of rarely, at others' houses or at ward parties) to meat.

I guess this was Heavenly Father's way of answering my prayer.

It seems kinda old-testamenty to me.

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Janell said...

Your own miracle of pheasants :) I like it.