Mar 2, 2007

Ethiopian Adoption 6

So, we've got the letters of recommendation circulating, the homestudy process begun, and all the documentation needed for the homestudy.

I'm getting kind of excited-- I can't wait until this is taken out of my hands and I can feel safe on the waiting list. Whew. IT will be a crunch for our family, though, to earn the first half of the fees by the end of (march?) probably, so we're going to have to borrow a bit from the parents and use our entire income tax return from this year. sigh.

(that was a happy sigh).

Our first appointment with the social worker is this next tuesday. I'm excited and nervous. Wish us luck!!


Janell said...

Best wishes! You can do it! Rah rah rah. How could anyone dilike great people like you and Skywalker?

NoSurfGirl said...

Thanks, Janell. :)

I hope that's true. I mean, I know it might be true. This will be the test.


blondie said...

The doubts, fears and anxiety are always there before the visits by the social worker. It is natural to be worried about how they will perceive you. I know - my husband and I are going through it all right now. We've only got one big joint interview to go. Even though our SW said that he was recommending us for approval - you just never know which way the department/agency is going to swing.

Just be yourself. Take deep breaths and think about your responses before you blurt out whatever is on your mind. Be honest and open - you have nothing to hide. Be confident.

Good luck.