Mar 28, 2007

hairwashing decadence

I loathe those commercials where women wash their hair with a certain shampoo product and make these gross noises like they're-- well.

Let's say eating chocolate. That's a nice innocent comparison.

But, guys, guess what. I have found the perfect shampoo.

I mean, seriously. Doesn't that seem like just about heaven? Washing your hair with red grape essence? I LOVE grape juice. Skywalker likes to joke that if I weren't a Mormon, I would be one of those people who collects and connoisseurs wine.

Red wine is actually on the back, listed among the ingredients. Which I love (all those wonderful anti-oxidants), except for the fact that I'm afraid people will smell my luscious hair and think that I've been drinking. That would be not so good. I have this one little kid in my sunday school class whose answer to every question is "don't drink alcohol" only he says it "awcohaw". It would be embarrassing to have a five-year-old lisp me the riot act. All because of my heavenly, heavenly, shampoo of extreme decadence.

MMMM. (Ok, that was not a chocolate-eating noise. I promise. It wasn't.)