Mar 25, 2007

SRM-- Nike.

I have Nikes. I wear clothing made in China. I buy the cheap stuff that looks cool enough to please me. But I have been thinking lately, what is my responsibility to those who suffer?

Am I feeding the system? The answer would be yes.

And because I am a religious woman, I inherently have to believe in the worth of a Soul. And because I am a human being, I cannot deny that this must cause suffering; I cannot justify this by distancing myself.

Does this mean it's time to do research and buy things that cost more money, but are more socially responsible? It's a bigger step for me than it should be. But there you have it.
Social responsibility comes with a steep price-- not just money. But an aknowledgement that all people have needs just like mine, even the starving children in Africa (and their mothers, who watch them starve and cannot do anything about it), even the child prostitutes in Asia (and their mothers who give them up or lose them to predators), even the people who make my rubber foot-coverings.

Social awareness means an awareness of the pain and suffering that I contribute to through my consumption.


Janell said...

The question here is how does one research to find companies who offer a higher quality of employment overseas?

NoSurfGirl said...


I don't know yet. :)

Lucy Stern said...

I don't think Nike can justify charging so much money for their shoes. I went and read the Q & A and was surprised at how little the people are making. I'm glad that I don't buy Nike....No wonder we lose so many companies to outsourcing...