Apr 20, 2007

I've joined the dark side

We are now a MacFamily. I don't mean that we have decided to cast off our vegetarian philosophies and start eating big macs on a daily basis, I mean that I am now the proud user of a Mac Book Pro. Skywalker got his 17-incher when he started working for the startup company almost a year ago, and now that he has his new job, he's been given a 15-incher to use. Strange, because his current employer tends to favor Dell, but apparently the previous person who held his position was a Mac Lover.

Even though my dad works for Intel and I've had to defend the PC, I must say that my first loyalty is to the software and hardware that does so much to support myself and my mad writing endeavors. And so, farewell, dear Microsoft. I have found another.

And I must say, I'm quite enamored.

Side note-- Skywalker now has his blog up. I will only post it once, though, because I don't want too many people to know our real names ;)

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Anonymous said...

By the way, Apple recently switched to Intel processors. Now Intel loooves Apple. No need to feel guilty about that mac...