Apr 2, 2007

SRM-- responsible clothing

As a follow up on last Monday's post, here is the research that I have been doing about socially responsible products. I focus on clothing this time. If you go look at these catalogues, you'll see that some of the clothing (shoes, esp) are a little more pricey than one would normally pay, I don't know if this is because it's more socially responsible, or because they're marketing to a certain audience. But other clothing is quite affordable, if you look.

My only beef-- I like to look cool.


An article with links to all the most known stores: Clothes for change


Sherpa said...

Yeah, that's my problem when it comes to being "anti-sweatshop." I know what I should do, but cost and cool factor usually wins out.

Lucy Stern said...

If you really want to be socially responsible, you could buy fabric and make your own clothes....Get a "cool" pattern and hit the machine......

NoSurfGirl said...

Lucy-- you have hit upon one of my vulnerable spots.

I'm scared to sew. I don't know what it is, but I just can't handle the thought that I might ruin something. Or something like that. My grandma is an amazing seamstress, and she taught me, but I still have no idea. I don't know my way around a sewing machine.