Apr 30, 2007

Spotlight on Fred Thompson

The GOP base isn't satisified with the current candidates, by most accounts. Rudy Giuliani is too liberal, John McCain is a maverick republican who can't be trusted to support the party, and Mitt Romney doesn't have a consistent record on hot-button issues (and he's Mormon.)

Fred Thompson is a hot topic right now.

He's most known for his involvement in the unearthing of the Watergate scandal, and his performance in several movies and TV shows as a person in various positions of governmental authority. Republicans like him because he's a true conservative, he's a loyal party member, and he's a movie star. They're looking for a Reagan, maybe he's it.

Why I like him: he has experience with governmental corruption. He's varied in his approach to welfare and immigration-- he's not a hard-nosed "let's slash welfare" or "keep 'em out" type republican, he's more like, "let's reform weflare and keep food stamps" and "let's allow more people visas to work in the united states", kind of republican. I'm all for moderation. I also like him because he was against the impeachment of Bill.

Why I don't like him: His stance on the war is just about the opposite of mine. He supports the original occupation on the grounds that "even if there weren't WMD, Saddam could have started on some." Etcetera. But at least he admits that the war has been botched a bit.

I also don't like him because I just can't stomach the thought of an actor being president. Particularly because his roles have sometimes BEEN president, secretary of whatever, and even himself in the watergate scandal. Are republicans that desperate? Is America really that Shallow? Maybe hollywood really is the god that we worship.

Added note: James Dobson says that Fred isn't Christian enough, which I find ironic because he supported Newt Gingrich, whose moral history is less than stellar. This is a sore point to me, actually-- why does the president have to be christian? Where did that get us with George W? It's easy to say that you are a Christian. What do your actions portray? That's the real question.

Here are some good links about him.

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By the way,despite what Dobson may think, (sorry, feeling a little ticked right now) Mitt Romney IS a Christian. And so am I. So there, all you Evangelicals. By the way, "the Mormons" is airing on PBS tonight, 9:00 eastern time. I'm excited and curious and also dreading it a little. I want to know what you guys think, so don't miss it!

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