Apr 23, 2007

SRM-- how to save water.

Guess what the world's most sought-after-resource is right now? If you said oil, you were like me but you got it wrong.

It's water. If some of you listened to the link I put up last week, you'll know one of the many reasons why water may fast become a rare resource (it is already a precious resource.)

There are people who walk several miles and then dig for their water, and then carry it on their backs those same miles home, just so that they can cook and have water for drinking, to say nothing of hygiene or other essentials. I read a book once, I wish I could remember the name of it, that was an exchange of letters between two women. One of them lived in NY in an apartment, and the other went on a peace corps mission to Africa with her husband. It was a difficult experience for her. I vividly remember one passage in the book that described her reaction to coming home. She walked into the airport and saw a decorative fountain, and the cool, running water used merely as decoration made her break down right there in the middle of the airport.

For the most part, we don't worry about water in America. We don't really even think about it. What is cheaper than water? We flush the toilet, we take a long, hot shower, we leave the water running when we step away from the sink while doing dishes. Those gallons of clear, potable water are worth lives somewhere else.

There are many simple, convenient ways that we can save water in our own households. If you would like to take a moment, here's a nice link.


Janell said...

One of the few things cheaper than water is air =)

Thanks for the link.

Garry said...

I'm doing my part to save water - I substitute beer for water at all possible times. In fact, beer actually causes me to create water!

NoSurfGirl said...


Be honest now. Were you "doing your part"rather enthusiastically before writing this comment?