Dec 21, 2007

The Christmas Campaign

OK. These speak for themselves. Seriously. Who needs The Onion or JibJab when they have opportunistic politicians trying to squeeze every last drop of propaganda they can out of the last few weeks left before primaries, and those few weeks happen to coincide with the holidays? I hope you laugh as much as I did. Hilary and Guliani in particular gave me goosebumps.. and not the good kind.

Romney's is a little different... no mention of Christmas. After viewing these others... maybe that's smart?

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I am asking everyone that has ever talked to Stephanie on mormonsrock site to go there now and leave a special word for her on her latest post – you will know which one.
She needs our kind words and prayers right about now – she has given us so much and she is feeling down and it is up to us to show her that we do care about her.
Please spread the word – I would like her to see how many good things people will say about her instead of all of the negative things she has had to put up with – and don’t forget that her husband is in Iraq and she and him need our prayers.