Dec 23, 2007

A donkey ride

As you may or may not know, I'm expecting a baby in mid January. A funny coincidence; my duedate with this little guy (we know it's going to be a boy this time) is the exact same duedate I had for Loli. They could be born on the same day.

With Loli's pregnancy, I don't remember how I felt around Christmastime. It could be that life was too stressful to concentrate much on issues other than school, my deteriorating marriage, and the upcoming first-birth experience.

This time I've had the opportunity to relax, be a mom, really consider this pregnancy and how I feel, what it means. And today I had a sudden thought.


She had a lot of stress during this time in her pregnancy. She felt probably the same way I do-- like only the perfect position with lots of pillow-propping will keep her various joints from grinding agaist each other, like staying in any position for long enough would render her pretty much crippled and unable to walk.

I wonder to myself, did Joseph and Mary try to convince the officials in charge of sending people on their way to be taxed, to let Mary stay home? Obviously, she had to go, despite her advanced pregnant state. She did, dutifully. She rode a donkey for how many miles?

I'm picturing myself, riding a donkey over rough terrain in the state I'm in...

And I have to say that Mary was a very strong woman.

And I have to say further... the donkey ride was probably what brought her labor on. Not even probably. It WAS, for sure. Maybe I should try it in a couple of weeks.

:) I hope you all have fun with family and friends, all have the Spirit of Christ in your homes, and that none of you are hampered by any incelement weather we will have over these next few days. Drive safe, and have a Merry Christmas.


Lucy Stern said...

I understand that you are going to have a ton of snow for Christmas....I hope you don't have to get out it in....

Just imagine what it was like for a pregeant woman pushing a hand cart.....We are very lucky to be living in this day and time.

Enjoy your Christmas.

maren said...

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

I have wondered about Mary riding that Donkey too. That sure does put it into perspective.

Margaret said...

I forgot that your baby is due SO SOON! And did I know that you are having a boy?! Congrats! (Of course, being from a family of four daughters and no sons, I'd congratulate you just as much for another girl ;) )

And thanks for your insights on Mary - you are pretty uniquely placed to appreciate what she went through...

MarlaJayne said...

Thanks for this reminder about Mary and her conditions...not only with riding the donkey but also with giving birth in a stable. No doctor, no fetal monitor, nobody to check your baby out from head to toe and give you the perfect APGAR score.

Speaking of weather, it's been in the 70's here in SC. Can you believe that?