Dec 11, 2007

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Some things are hard to see, or think about. But we should think about them anyway, because maybe it'll motivate us to change or do something about them.

I took a sociology class in college—current social problems. We were divided into groups and asked to each review a topic and do a presentation on it. The presentation that I was responsbile for was entitled, "Genocide, Hatred and Violence."

Holy cow. Not a fun topic, right?

The sad thing is, these things happen. To people like you and me. I know this isn't very Christmasy of me, but I wanted to post this slideshow (I put it together for this class.) I feel like, around Christmas time, it's easy for people (myself included) to get caught up in things that aren't important. My little ponies. Polly pockets. When there are kids out there who don't have parents, a clean place to sleep, or enough food to keep them healthy. We have so much, those of us with the luxury of a roof over our heads, fast-food restaraunts, and a laptop to blog with. So... this video. Watch it. Cry a little; I do. And then think, "what can I do about it?" That's the clincher. We can do plenty. There are people out there who spend all of their time and money helping people in these situations. And there are people who spend their whole lives preaching against these very things; Genocide, hatred, and violence. Even social awareness, even that, being willing to connect with these people who have suffered so much, is something important.

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MarlaJayne said...

This is so powerful! Thank you for creating it and sharing it with other bloggers. When I think about Darfur and other places today, I feel helpless, and then I remember the saying to "think globally, act locally." There are always children who need help, and most of the time they're right around the corner or down the road or in a classroom.