Dec 30, 2007

The raging throat plague of death

Remember how I posted just a bit ago about cold and flu remedies? Well, guess what. They do help, immensely. Particularly when you're PG and can't really do the normal meds,(which,in my family, we avoid anyway) or when there's not much a dr can prescribe to quicken/relieve things.

Case in point: The Raging Throat Plague of Death. It starts with the typical itchy-throat, sneezing, congestion symptoms. Then it moves on to stabbing pain in the larynx, extremely irritated/swollen bronchial passages, uncontrollable coughing that causes more stabbage in the larynx area, and then when the fever pitch of the illness passes,you're left with a deluge of awful goo to somehow rid yourself of,mostly through mintues-long, uncontrollable bouts of coughing.

Do I sound like I'm whining? Well, I am. I'm so glad I'm almost done with this... what a nasty bug it was. I can't remember having been ill like this, at least, not in a long time. It will be nice to be able to be a normal, 9-month-pregnant woman again and not a bedridden, 9-months-pregnant-woman who cannot do much more than keep the kids from stabbing each other with blunt paintbrush ends, barely keep up with the dishes(forget the laundry, I have an everest of clean clothes awaiting folding in my bedroom) and serve PBJ's and grapes for every meal.

The saddest thing of all,though.... Skywalker's coming down with it now. As we speak, he's lying in the middle of the floor, listening to itunes on his headphones, his head propped up on a santa-claus hat. It doesn't look very comfortable. I'll have to offer him my pillow in just a second.

At any rate, this illness is going around. Everyone's getting it—the two- week chest cold. Called, by the way, bronchiolitis(or, conversely, RSV if contracted by a baby). This worries me... we'll have to keep our newborn close and out of contact with the public for a while. And hopefully Skywalker's two- week bout will be over by the time I deliver... maybe a small prayer or two would be good.

Thanks for listening to my whining.


marlajayne said...

I feel for you. Really, I do. Back "in the day" when I was having my babies, we didn't know quite as much as we do now about how medications could hurt a fetus so expectant mothers (in ignorance) took whatever was available to get rid of the bugs and viruses or whatever. Although it's probably no comfort to you at the moment, remember that "This too shall pass."

Lucy Stern said...

Boy, that is no fun!! Whenever I get a cough, it seems to linger for about a month....I hope all of this is over when you deliver. Keep taking your natural remedies and get well. The olive leaf is really good for getting rid of a cough. It works for me.

Janell said...

Whining would be bemoaning a simple sniffle. This plague of death sounds absolutely miserable! Miserable!

I hope everyone feels better soon.

NoSurfGirl said...

LOl, thank you Janell! You sure know how to be sympathetic! Lucy-- I didn't do olive leaf this time... I think i forgot and then was too lazy to get to the HF store. But I think I'll go get some today. Marla, thanks for the reminder... going on 3 weeks I sort of forget what it feels like to feel well. :)

maren said...

Not fun at all. We are all just recovering ourselves. Glad to be on the recovery end of things.

Happy New Year!!!!

Sherpa said...

Oy, no fun. My sympathies. This sounds like the cold I'm just giving over. Hopefully, this virus moves on by the time the baby is here.