Sep 21, 2008

Bishop Higgins on the importance of pillows

For those of you who still haven't figure out that the link is in the title, here it is again.



merrilykaroly said...

Is that your bishop? I started reading that blog and, well, it's...interesting?

NoSurfGirl said...


it's not my bishop. He's a fake bishop. It's a fake ward. It's all fake.

But the strain I feel in my stomach muscles after I've read a few posts... that isn't fake.

merrilykaroly said...

Haha! That pillow post was funny. Except that I only like having one pillow. Maybe I'm not normal.

That's the second "fake" LDS blog I've seen lately. Sounds like they're popular. The other one ( was making fun of the typical LDS girl who's all excited and goes to the doctor because she's going to have a baby, etc...maybe you've already seen that one. One of her posts had 1682 comments on it! Some of it was a little too close to home for me to think it was funny though.

I guess I just hope people don't think that some of that stuff is real.

NoSurfGirl said...

yup, I hope not, too.

Does that sentence make any sense?

yes, we have no bananas....

michele said...

NSG, your blog is like... my favorite.

Adele, that bishop is obviously making fun of lots of things. replace the word pillows with childern or some other word that we're not supposed to talk about with young un-married people. I think he's pointing out how funny some of the things are that we talk about so seriously sometimes.

But even the literal interpertation is funny and I loved it!

Fred said...

A unique blog.