Sep 5, 2008

pro life and pro choice. ????


Sherpa said...

New sport league?


David L said...

Such a difficult question without proper framing. I posted a lengthy comment on the original post, but a short answer is neither.

Janell said...

They're attempts to make a very gray area black and white.

NoSurfGirl said...


yes. I'm on to pro wrestling next.


I guess that's what makes it such a hard thing to legislate. It's ALL about context when it's something that important.


I'm glad you also find it a grey area. I find myself vacillating between prolife and prochoice (The traditional outlines of each position.) And I find that distressing... but maybe I should just live with the internal conflict?

Putz said...

it sounds to me that you and allison have the same things on your minds

merrilykaroly said...

Leave it to nosurfgirl to make me realize I don't actually know what my position is after all.

NoSurfGirl said...


I'm sorry about that. Maybe, in the end, thinking about something too much just turns the whole world grey? ANd maybe that's not the way we're supposed to be... I dunno. I apologize for any moral schizophrenia I caused you. I guess one thing we both know is neither of us want abortions the way some say they want them: as an acceptable means of birth control.


Nate and Rebecca said...

I would agree with the comments of both David and Cameron. Those comments reflect my own thoughts on the issue most closely.

That said, I think that LDS people are fortunate to have the guidance and direction of the church on this subject, and of course the perfect direction of our all-knowing and loving God when it is needed. (Speaking of fathers, these are our Heavenly Father's children as well...) After all, what higher source could anyone appeal to when dealing with such a sensitive and difficult topic?