Sep 21, 2008

A Welcome Rest

I was released from my primary calling eight months ago. My calling right now? Relief Society chorister. Currently, my Sundays consist of getting the kids ready, giving them the appropriate meals and naps before church, quickly choosing hymns and calling the pianist, and (heaven bless the bishopric) actually GOING to relief society. For real. Seriously. And sunday school, too.

A little context: Approximately six and a half years ago, I gave birth to a cute but nevertheless high maintenance little bundle of joy. Ever since then, Sundays have kept me hopping, whether it be the half hours during each meeting spent in the mother's room trying to figure out public nursing, or being called to the nursery because my little toddler only got to see me full-time on Saturdays and Sundays and it just seemed better that way, or having to take said rambunctions toddler to singles' ward meetings because there is no primary. After I married Skywalker, it was much better; we took it in shifts. But I was immediately given a very challenging and time consuming calling in Relief society. And then, after we moved, I was called to primary (of course).

And then a nice primary president released me from the calling, because I was having a baby. She asked me, "are you one of those supermoms that wants to do it anyway, or would you prefer we release you for six months while you get back on your feet?"

And then, my husband (wonderful skywalker) convinced the bishopric to call me as relief society chorister (he's the ward clerk, and so he's in on all the meetings) so that I couldn't be re-called to primary, and could enjoy relief society. The purpose was more social than spiritual; I had been complaining to him that I didn't know anyone in the ward, because I was always in primary, and had a few moments of "nobody liiiikes me, I don't have any frieeeeends in the ward..." so he told the bishopric, my wife would like a small relief society calling.

I hadn't anticipated the spiritual repercussions. I don't think I've sat through an entire lesson for five years. I definitely haven't had the opportunity to listen fully, and actually participate (novel concept) in that amount of time.

Loli is in primary, Jaws is in nursery, and squirt goes with Dad during the third hour. It's just me. In relief society. Listening to the lesson, and having a bit of time to socialize with the other sisters. It's amazing. I come home feeling refreshed and renewed (I had forgotten the feeling) instead of tired, cranky, and hapazardly spiritually fed.

It has convinced me of something else, too... spirituality is so important. So go ahead and ask dad to take care of the baby during one of the hours, if you've got a calling the other two. They don't do much in elder's quorum anyway. Your husband will likely be glad to be given the excuse to play with the toddler at the back of the room. If his calling is too much for this, or you are in primary, a good idea would be to watch the devotional on KBYU (if you get it) on tuesdays, maybe arranging naptimes to coincide. And going to enrichment to socialize with the other sisters. I've balked on this point many a time, but it really does make a difference.

Anyway, I realize this won't last forever... I'll go back to primary, or get called to young womens', or be made secretary of some such at some point. That's just the lot of young mothers in a ward. But right now, I'm really enjoying it. More than I thought I would be.


Sherpa said...

I was talking to my best friend last week-she's in primary and has five kids-and she was complaining too about how she's never been in Relief Society, so I appreciated this post.

David L said...

This topic always makes me laugh because Courtney and I always make it a very clear point to inform new bishops in new wards that if they want their primary-age children to live, they will NOT call us into the primary.

Some people can just handle it and do really well with it. Courtney and I are not those people. Don't get us wrong; we love children. But we also recognize that we were skipped over in getting any genes or dispositions towards that area when they were passing out talents.

About a year ago, one of the bishopric approached me about asking Courtney to serve in the Primary Presidency.... I honestly laughed in his face. Out loud laughing. I think he got the hint. Courtney in Primary = Courtney inactive, in jail, or in therapy. Take your pick.

merrilykaroly said...

I just had another fun mother's lounge day. Jr. is extremely active and loud, so his shrieks during Sunday School (where they didn't have a good clear escape aisle down the middle of the room, all the seats in the front were taken, and the exit doors are in the front) were getting lots of head turns. I had come in late and definitely left early. In the mother's lounge he gets too distracted by anyone else who's in there to eat unless we're all alone, and even then he keeps squirming...and, well, let's just say I get my patience tried every week.

I turned him over to Josh for Elder's Quorum because I just couldn't take it anymore. Apparently he fell asleep pretty soon after opening exercises. Always happens. Elder's Quorum must be really boring because apparently Jr. is a perfect angel in there.

I agree that being able to sit and enjoy Relief Society in peace is a rare gift. And I only have one child.

NoSurfGirl said...

urgh. The other day my mom told me that this was the most intense stage of mothering. For some reason that made me feel better. And yet, the thought of wanting it to be over makes me sad, too... I love my kiddoes and don't want them to grow up. But I do. But I don't.

Fern said...

I know what you mean! Now that my youngest is in nursery (and finally stays there) I get to enjoy gospel doctrine(for the 1st time in 7+ years!) and then go have fun in YW. So refreshing! And a little selfish voice in the back of my mind says "Do you really WANT another kid, someday?"...

Anonymous said...

I think most mothers feel this way. I get to go to Sunday School now and it is nice. Then I go to YW's and I can socialize there too. I made my blog private now so can you give me your email address so I can put you in the invited list.

Anonymous said...

strangely, when they get older, you may want to be in primary. After being RS pres,etc. and working in YW for years, my favorite favorite calling was primary chorister. None of my kids in primary anymore. I had a blast.
After that, taught seminary. Now...they don't seem to realize that I don't HAVE a calling. I'm a little bit sad.