Sep 16, 2008

memory exchange

So, I got this from a friend who blogs. If you know me in real life, you can leave a memory of something about me and you, in the comments section. Then if you put a post up, I"ll leave one on yours. :)

Those of you who know me only through the internets, are also allowed to participate, if they really want to. And I'll try to reciprocate.


merrilykaroly said...

I remember goats, chickens, and trees with peel-ey bark.

You and Greg were the oldest and had cool birthdays right next to each other.

You and Carolee playing Indigo girls on the guitar. Wow, that was cool that you could play the GUITAR!

I went with you to some kind of Young Women activity where everyone had to bring a cheesy movie. I think you brought Johnny Appleseed.

Putz said...

the way i blog is better, my style brings up all sorts of stuff from the dark recesses of the my mind is on aliens and everyone is avoiding me like the plauge, even your own mother

Putz said...

i just thought of something that struck me funny and i just have to marlajayne thought you were republican all this time, so utahn, so normal, so down to earth, so moroni warriers type of thoughts, so palin like...not so michelle obama who won't stoop...i won't say it,,, i wonder what she thought of me before now??????

the nice one said...

hehe i didn't see this before now but thought i'd better add my two cents! i remember late nights, crazy roommates, a black and white photo that cause great controversy, recitals, stress and lots of laughter! and ugen the house plant. i can't remember the ducks name sorry