Sep 20, 2009

Black and White

A quote from something I recently read online:

"Government intervention in the free market is called socialism. "

I actually snorted (in laughter). I mean, seriously? Is that what we've come to? Is our propaganda so bipartisan, so black-and-white now that either you're for an entirely free, laissez-faire economy or you're a socialist?

I have news for you, taagsmasher (old buddy, old pal). The founding fathers were socialists, then. Because any tariffs, taxes, any prohibitions on selling a substance or good, ANY taxes on businesses of any kind... all of these things are government intervention. We've had it from day one. It was our big grievance with England: no taxation without representation. But when we wrote the constitution, we did not get rid of taxation, we worked hard on fair representation. Taxation was always a given. And remember the added liquor tax that caused such a ruckus back in the 1700's... and remember the application of tariffs onto goods shipped from England... there are a hundred and one examples if you actually read your history books.

Sorry guys. I just had to rant a little. You see, the more I listen to people talk about politics (or religion, that other impolitic subject) the more I begin to think that sweeping generalizations are for those who want to see the world in black and white, who want to see politics as "good versus evil" or "smart versus stupid" or "kind versus greedy." But politics don't work that way. I will put out there this thing that I hold to be one of my own personal truths: there are no perfect political doctrines or systems, or even documents--no, not even the beloved constitution. Which to me, is beloved; it's a very brave, very idealistic document, and it's kept our country in fairly good shape. But it ain't perfect folks. Wanna know why? It was written by men. It's the philosophies of men. You can't trust in the arm of the flesh, or the philosophies of men, or the doctrines or laws or political or social theories of men to have any kind of absolute truth.

I will say that the only thing that can make me really annoyed, when discussing politics with someone, is the feeling that they feel they are righteous or even "right" because of their political beliefs.

There is a right and a wrong in the universe. There is truth. But it doesn't come from Man, it comes from God. And the only documents I'd categorize as absolute truth are the ones I carry around in my little leather case to Sunday School.

It bothers me when people characterize any politician as "evil" or "going to destroy America" or "Puppets of a Secret Combination" or "The One Who'll Keep the Constitution From Falling Off It's Last Thread." They're men. Just men. Doing a job. I don't think that Either George H. W. Bush or Barack H. Obama have horns hidden under their hair, or halos either.

Anyway. I had a good laugh today. Thanks, taagsmasher, whomever you are. I needed that.


Emily said...

Excellent rant! My hubby and I were on a long drive yesterday having the same conversation....

Putz said...

well me and mine have an opinion and you are not going to get it

Putz said...

except i believe the health care should be mom's putting bandages on me and that it should be nothing else, period

Putz said...

you do know that was s spoof, right????..................................................................................................burma shave

A girl called dallan said...

Well put! (As usual.)

Putz said...

i really really just have to say this, if i don/t i will split wide open all over some one when i burst and that would be messy....this unemployment thing , you know the insurance is government controled right????and so it is socializm right, and it is being taken away from utah cause we don't meet the gidelines, right????well that is funny.... a socialist program being taken away from a lasy fair state like you said you are either one or the other black or white lazy fair or socialist ,,,laugh with me no surf sarha,,, laugh with me