Sep 2, 2009

An interesting article: There is an End to Race

I recently discovered a very well-written, well-articulated article on the subject of race and LDS theology. I thought I'd share, as it does seem to describe a few of my drier, more logical feelings on the subject. Honestly, I believe there is no truth except for what the Spirit teaches you, so take the discussion with a grain of salt, but this article is a good overview of a lot of the reasons why I've always felt that "race doctrine" as relates to the church is a little silly. And of course, has been debunked... (the 1978 revelation). For the record, I'm an admirer of Elder McConkie's, not the least of my reasons being his humble, immediate remittance of some of the things he had preached on the subject.

There Is An End To Race.


NoSurfGirl said...

disclaimer... the comments are less nice to read. Any post like this, even posted on a generally Mormon blog will attract those who want to bash the church... skip the comments if you like, I usually do :)

the nice one said...

i would agree with your comment! the article was great and even the first few comment but the further down i got i decided i'd better stop. thanks for sharing