Sep 18, 2009

feelin' (better)

I feel better today. Thanks for the sympathy, folks. I think it was good to have written that yesterday, it really let off a lot of steam to aknowledge the difficulties that contribute to my family's overall stress levels lately.

I was able to mop my kitchen floor and clean my toilet today, and Skywalker fixed the problem that was causing the tank to overflow.

I decided to forego homeschooling park day this morning and I'm soooo glad I did. I think having activities scattered throughout the week, having to load all the kids up in the car and go places almost every day, really adds to the stress. Anyway, feeling better, and thanks for all the thoughts of chocolate. And now, without further ado:


David L said...

I'm glad you're feeling better. We'll be over tonight for some good relaxing games, talking, and maybe even a little bit of treats.

If nothing else, you can always try the remedy I always tell Courtney. First, start by beating the children in order from oldest to youngest. If you don't feel better, repeat until you do.

Like a coworker once told me, "You can't beat your children until they're happy, but you can beat them until you're happy."

(I promise I don't beat my children!!! Please don't call child social services on me!!!)

A girl called dallan said...

you. are. awesome.

Thanks for the music. I'm off now to play it for the third time. I love it.