Mar 15, 2010

John Stewart making fun of Glenn Beck's Mistake

I post this with some hesitation. The beginning is a little crude and off color. John Stewart isn't my favorite for this reason. The second half of this, though... priceless. Seriously, gold to me (an alienated-not-republican-in-the-middle-of-Beck-lovin'-utah.)

But after watching This on my very conservative friend Denice's blog (oh my gosh, stitches in my side... but I would never be able to send this to my mother) I realized I'm such a Molly Mormon sometimes about what I post. And then I watched this on Dave's blog, (also very funny, oh my word...) I had to let off a little hubris and make fun of someone that I truly dislike (and I mean, truly...) Glen Beck. I think he has even surpassed Rush in my "change-channel-quickly-whew-that-was-close-I-think-I-might-throw-up" list. So, yeah. Beck made a mistake. And its' funny to me. If it wouldn't be funny to you, please don't watch it and be offended.

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Putz said...

i had in my mind that groping was a lot like tickling, but i am probably wrong no surf girl>>>>you don't like to be tickled, i don't like to be grope, but i honestly don't know what it all means....>>>honest>>>i just don't know

Tracy said...

Well, he is far from perfect and yes, somewhat annoying. But, I just have to ask, why do you hate Glenn Beck? He preaches that the constitution is the most important document that we can run this great nation by (it is an inspired document, um... the Doctrine and Covenants 101:77-80). He calls out communists and socialists and declares the policies of communism and socialism to be evil and that they will destroy this country. (Ezra Taft Benson also declared this over the pulpit in General Conference in October 1961, Just and Holy Principles pgs 114-118). And the church also made an official declaration against communism in April 1966 pg. 92-94. Glenn also seems to have a tremendous amount of faith in the American people--that they are intelligent enough to think for themselves, act for themselves, and be charitable to one another rather than be forced to do so. Is there something so wrong with being a fan of someone that actually has real hope in the future of America and its citizens?

NoSurfGirl said...


this is a question that could get me going for a bit. BUt the short answer is, I don't like him because he is exactly like Rush Limbaugh and Al Franken and anyone else who makes his buck off of scaring people into hating each other.

:( Sorry so blunt.

David L said...

Maybe to contribute to the "why hate Glenn Beck" thing....

I personally don't hate or like him. I just ignore him as I ignore virtually ALL political commentators. In a way, I think NSG hit it on the head in that I don't agree with the scare tactics. Having said that, there are some truly wonderful things that most political commentators put out there, and I pay attention to that. Tracy mentioned several great things that Glenn Beck does, and I think he's right in those areas, but a lot of his arguments (and any other political commentator's arguments) are so... one way? all or nothing? obviously biased?

I was talking to a friend this morning on this very topic, and it occurred to me that my favorite political commentator is probably Colbert. Yeah... I know.... But it's true. He is very good at standing right in the
middle and mocking both sides. No one is safe from him, and for that I actually think I trust him more than others. And he's always good for a laugh.

NoSurfGirl said...

Yes. Honestly... that's the only news I can listen to right now. Mostly comediens, who don't let ANYONE off. My favorite program is "it's all politics" with Ken Rudin and Ron Elving. Love them, because they are so cynical that nobody's a god and nobody's a devil to them.

Also Wait, Wait... bascially making fun of everyone and showing how silly this rabid partisanship has become.

I, too love colbert. He is so much more subtle than stewart. I'd argue that most of the time, stewart is pretty radically liberal and you can tell despite the fact that he's a comedian (which makes it go down easier for me, somehow)>