Mar 21, 2010

Status Update

No baby yet.

With all my previous pregnancies I mentally prepared to go a week over before I started getting antsy. And then with each, I ended up going way early (in Loli's case, I was induced becuase of low fluid levels, but I naturally went into labor a few days early with both Jaws and Squirt)and completely felt emotionally unprepared. So this time I decided... hey. Get prepared so that if you do come early by a few days, you're ready. So I did.

And now I wait.

I was telling Skywalker that it's a new experience to be on this end of it... in a state of anticipation, like *this is so exciting it could happen anytime.* honestly, it's kind of fun. The ONLY thing that makes me anxious is I'd rather Skywalker didn't have to go to work on Monday. But... you know. If he does, it's not the end of the world. And he'll be taking the car so that he can get back fast if I go into labor while he's at work, so we're OK.

So... that's my update. No baby yet, no real signs of baby coming yet, 2 days overdue. My plan is, if I make it to the next scheduled appt (on the 25th, I'll be a week overdue) I'll ask the midwife if she'd be willing to strip the membranes (a procedure where they loosen the attachments between the am fluid sack and the cervix.) But... well. Honestly, I'm used to waiting for stuff, so I'm still good.

How are all of you?


merrilykaroly said...

What a great attitude about waiting! She just wants a little more time to herself with you:)

Rachel said...

I was thinking the blog silence was due to a baby being born! thanks for the update!

Putz said...

i am fine, thank you for asking , but being in the middle of utar is hard on me, my neighbor said, BARLOW how can yu support that medical bill that is at 2 trillion dollars, and i think, 10 billion every month for 16 months would be 2 trillion for the iraq war and was spent on far less than 30 million have a nice birth experience and i will go hide my head under a pillow, while my neighbor's will think i am doing it in shame