Apr 13, 2010


MayMay (watching me do laundry): Mom, I cannot do that.

Me: No. You can watch me, though.

MayMay: It's very very tall. I can't do it. When I'm Mom, I can help you do it.

Me: When your'e a mom, you'll have laundry of your own to do.

MayMay: I want help you.

Me: OK.

MayMay: And I will have my own car and drive to my own house.

Me: Yup.

MayMay: And I'll have a husband and he'll sleep in my same bed.

Me: Yup.

MayMay: When I'm Mom I will have babies and you will hold them!

Me: That will be nice.

MayMay: And I will feed them. Mom, I want have ten kids.

Me: Ten!? That's a Lot!

MayMay: No, Mommy. Ten's not lot. (stretching arms out) Hundred! That is lot.



Janell said...

Yup, a hundred is a lot!

Such a sweet kid :)

the quirky one in the family said...

Ah! I love it! I can see her bright eyes lighting up as she says that with her beautiful smile! What a fun memory to keep of her:-)

Putz said...

you know when god had multiple and replenthish as his first commandmetn he had you in mind

Gerb said...

I agree with MayMay. Ten kids is not a lot. But a hundred? I can't wait to see her with her hundred kids!