Apr 16, 2010

Things We Say

MayMay: Will it be hot?

Loli: It might be warm, it might be hot, it might be sweltering... sweltering means really, really hot.

MayMay: Mom, why I have be nice to you?

NSG: Because I'm so nice to you.

MayMay: No, you're not. (fit of giggles.)

NSG: yes I am.

MayMay: Why?

NSG: Well I give you hugs and food and clothes and sisters and brothers and a house..

MayMay: mom, you didn't make the house.

NSG: No.

MayMay: JESUS.

NSG: No, other people did, just not me.

Loli: Pioneers!

Jaws: Jesus made the Sun.

NSG: The sun?

Jaws: The Sun. Of God.

(btw I hope these aren't annoying. I've decided I need to write some of these things down, and the blog is an easy way to organize and look back through... plus I've never been much of a paper journal writer.)


Putz said...

shame shame, you should have a book of yours in hard copy< what if you crashed totally and all was lost>>>.sorry to preach, i have been smart enough to make several copies of everthing

merrilykaroly said...

I love reading them! Don't stop!