Apr 29, 2010

Oh My...

Gems from this (post and comments):

The natural man is an enemy to God. That makes it obvious that the natural world is an enemy to God. Pavement, clear-cutting and strip mining is the finger of Jesus smoothing out all the bumpy wrinkles in the earth (which are symbolic of our wrinkles of sin.)

Persinally I think it is a sin to believe in global warming because we've been put on this earth as stewards which means we're the boss and what we say goes.

I've decided that I'm only going to throw 2 plastic bags out my window today, instead of my normal 4, in honor of Earth's birthday.

It feels good to help the earth.

Pondered all these Qs yesterday I watered our brite green lawn at noon, and then the other day while four-willing I realized look, I'll totally recycle when I remember, and that's enough bc honestly the earth's gonna burn anyways! LOL.

.....And to these I'll just add an inverse (and therefore, hopefully equally sarcastic), AMEN!


David L said...

As maybe a serious response to this post.... I personally love the Alaskan way of caring for nature. I'm no tree hugger (I really truly get annoyed with environmentalists) nor am I a slash-and-burn guy (equally annoying). I'm a steward.

Alaskans take their responsibility to the world very seriously, but they also understand their ability to wisely use it. Stewardship over the land does not imply ONLY protection nor does it imply ONLY use. It implies a careful balance that allows for proper maintenance and control of resources to the benefit of most (all is a pipe dream).

And that's where I lie. So yes, I agree with sustainable logging, sustainable fishing, and judicious mining, and I'm perfectly comfortable with that.

Probably way too much seriousness for such a sarcastic post. Ah well, that is indeed the mood of the day. :-)

merrilykaroly said...

I read that post and yes, all the comments yesterday too because I just couldn't stop. Hilarious! A blog where the comments are often just as entertaining as the posts!

Putz said...

how could you possibly be watering watering your nice green lwan with all these snow snow