Jun 1, 2010

just thought you should know

I just cleaned up a fountain of squirt's throwup (like, I think literally a gallon--I watched it happen in amazement, wondering how much more could possibly come out of his tiny little stomach) that somehow conveniently covered every single inch of strap and buckle of his carseat, as well as festooning his shirtfront and pants, making it so that I would experience maximum contact with cottage-cheese-mixed-with-fruity-bits-smelling-like-old-parmesan substance when I went about the task of unbuckling and removing clothing.

And right now squirt's in a bubble bath and MayMay's wandering the house, huskily singing: "Pizza Angel, Come to Me."

The tooth fairy has forgotten, for four days running, to recompense Bella and Loli for their proffered incisors.

And that's been our Tuesday (really, Monday, when you think about it.)


the quirky one in the family said...

It's almost comical....as I am reading this, my kids are watching Pizza Angel from the Veggietales movie! Weird!

Sorry about the bad experience with Squirt...I really dread the cleaning up throw up portions of mommyhood!

Putz said...

too bad on the carseat and not on your lawn or a park lawn somewhere>>>i have not that experience>>have not

Hayley said...


David L said...

Katherine finally stopped throwing up last night. It's a good thing our kids have learned to share, right?

Texasblu said...

It's been awhile since I've been back to say hello...

but I want you to know, our tooth fairy sometimes forgets WEEKS at a time. :S

And I've always hated vomit in the car. There's no way around it - sorry to hear you had to mess with it.