Jun 19, 2010

Things We Say

Skywalker: (to nosurfgirl, with wicked glint in eye) You hate change?

But you voted for Obama.

Oh wait, he hasn't changed anything, so I guess that's OK.

(Scene: girls are enjoying aunt emily's gift of mary kay samples by smearing them reckleslly on their faces, then running around and asking "do I look pretty").

Jaws: Do I look pretty?

Bella: You look like a lion. But that's OK. You'll learn to do makeup as good as me someday.

Jaws: (Nodding sadly, bats enormous, raccoon-ringed eyes across room at NSG)

Squirt: She looks like a man!

Jaws: No.

Bella: She's a girl.

MayMay: She's not a man, she's a HU-man.

NSG: How do we end up with such adorable children?

Skywalker: WELL.

NSG: Nevermind.

Skywalker: It all started... with some business socks.

1 comment:

Putz said...

ho ho ho, you didn't get change with big O and either did i lovely nosurf girl