Jun 26, 2010

Only In a House Full of Little Girls

Will the kids get their drinking cups dirty by constantly filling them with flowers and placing them artistically on various surfaces.

Will your yard constantly be littered with objects related to pretend-housekeeping.

Will you run out of dishcloths because they're being used as baby blankets or pretend tablecloths.

Will pink, plastic objects become the permanent theme of decoration in your living room.

Will you have to keep track of many tiny, princess-emblazoned toothbrushes.

Will you regularly encounter flesh-and-blood fairy-tale creatures.


merrilykaroly said...

Haha! A house full of little girls looks so fun! All I ever get to see is a house full of little boys.

Putz said...

remember when you get those last two girls sealed to you, i at least want to be informed>>>at the very least, i just hope i can qualify for a temple recommend>>>i do have one now but who knows what the future brings>>.i might yell once too often at tony and be excomunicated from the church

Jayne said...

My granddaughters are visiting with us this week, and I can so identify with this blog! In fact, they even wear pink sparkly shoes and pink Hello Kitty rings.

Kate DW said...

Looks like fun! I'm sure a house full of boys would bring a totally different set of random items - like sticks, sipping straws, or your kitchen wooden spoons as swords, rocks & buttons as buried treasure, and yes... kitchen towels and chip-clips for Superman capes! Just guess how I know these things... :) Gotta love it while it lasts!