Aug 1, 2010


Loli: Mom, do you think I can do a job to earn money?

NSG: (looks warily at Loli) Like what?

Loli: Like... clean the mirror?

NSG: that's too little.

Loli: (large blue-eyed dissappointment)

NSG: If you took everything off the counter and cleaned the counter, and the mirror, and put everything back nicely then I'd give you a quarter.

Loli: (Considers for a moment. Nods. Runs off).

(clamoring chidlren, all running toward NSG)

Bella: Mom! I want to Mop and Sweep!

Jaws: Mom, I want to clean the potty!

MayMay: (frowns) Mom, how much Loli gets?

NSG: A quarter. Bella, the floor's clean. But you can clean the toys outside and on the porch and put them away where they go, I will give you a quarter. Jaws, cleaning the potty is a mommy job, not a kid job.

Bella: Mom, I want a job that's inside because it's too hot outside.

NSG: Ok, well you can clean the nap room all by yourself. You have to put all the clothes in the drawers and the drawers have to be closed, even Squirt's.

Bella: OK.

MayMay: Mom, how much she gets?

NSG: A quarter.

Jaws: I want to play princesses.

Squirt: (squeezes Rose's fist until she makes a protest-like noise, gives NSG a mischevious look.)

Jaws: Squirt, go sit on the time out bench.

Squirt: NO!

MayMay: If I clean everything outside can I get two quarters?

NSG: No. Outside's not messy enough for two quarters.

MayMay: If I do all the sticks?

NSG: There aren't any sticks.

MayMay: (Gives NSG a dark look from under her eyebrows)

NSG: Squirt, go sit on the time out bench or I'll spank your little bum. Now. One, Two, Three--

Squirt: OK! (runs to the stairs, stands on them and repeatedly slams the door.)

NSG: Squirt, Go!

Squirt: OK! (pattering of little feet up the stairs.)

Jaws: (screeches) MOmmy, squirt's not on the time-out bench!

NSG: Go, Squirt!

Jaws: He's still not!

NSG: Squirt--

Jaws: He is now, mom.

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Jayne said...

One of these days, this dialogue is going to be priceless to you. I wish I'd recorded more of the things my children said when they were small.