Aug 16, 2010

Things We Say

(Setting: Grandma Patricia, NSG and recently RM'd little brother John are in the middle of a conversation about (among many other things) Harrison Ford and how young he still looks.)

Grandma Patricia: I saw that last one.

NSG: Which One?

Grandma Patricia: You know, the one where they end up in Petra, and they have all that with the swinging knives that shoot out and cut off your head? And by the way, I've been to Petra, in fact all of us went through there, and I can tell you they don't really have any swinging knives because all of us still have our heads.

(setting: Jaws is sitting at the piano with a disney storybook propped open on the music stand. MayMay is standing in the middle of the room, seriously contemplating a little plastic photo album with random pieces of scribbled-on paper stuck in the plastic pages.)

Jaws: (turning to glance over her shoulder) We're doing Belle, MayMay. (Proceeds to delicately press random keys with both hands.)

MayMay: OK. Belle. Hmmm. (flips through her pages, glancing at one every now and then.) Here we go. Belle. (Begins singing to Jaw's accompaniment) Belle is so very pretty! She is here. She-- (Turns to see NSG grinning, jumps and covers mouth) Mom!

NSG: (quickly smothers grin.) That's pretty, girls.

Jaws: (Glances sternly over shoulder at NSG) Mom! This is a Belle song that nobody should ever hear. OK?


Donnell Allan said...

I think I love this Grandma Patricia.

Margaret said...

wow come to think of it, I've been there too, and I STILL HAVE MY HEAD TOO!!

whoa ;)

merrilykaroly said...

I love this Grandma Patricia, too.

NoSurfGirl said...

Margaret: I'm quite relieved to hear you still have your head.

I also love this Grandma Patricia.