Sep 16, 2010

things we say

(The kids have been in bed for half an hour, when MayMay and Jaws come pounding down the stairs)

MayMay: Mom! Squirt throwed up.

NSG: He threw up?

Jaws: Yeah! He throwed up.

NSG: Where?

MayMay: Right on my Sunday dress!

NSG: Was he wearing it?

Skywalker: Why was your sunday dress out of the closet?

MayMay: Jaws got it down.

NSG: (Deep sigh... thinking hard about a way to get out of this) OK, MayMay. Here is what you do. Roll up the Sunday dress very carefully so you don't touch any of the...

Skywalker: (shakes head) it's not going to happen. (rises from couch)

MayMay: (gleeful laughter) it's white!

Jaws: (shrieks) It's White throw up!

(both girls pound after skywalker up the stairs. NSG watches them go, trying to quash the guilt at having successfully manipulated her sweet husband into doing the job she didn't want to do.)


merrilykaroly said...


(so you know how you have the whole word verification box below that I have to type in to comment on your blog? the word right now is "pulking." I thought that if that were a real word, it would be very appropriate.)

Amyjo said...

I agree with you- give me the other end any day, over vomit!

Linda said...

My least favorite throw up memory: being awakened in the middle of the night by one of the girls and finding Adele laying in her dinner and her hair was so coated with it that it took an hour to wash out and clean up. I don't miss those lovely childhood illnesses ever!