Sep 20, 2010

Things We Say

NSG: Go clean up, squirt.

Squirt: OK! But I don't want to clean up my dwess. (pats skirt lovingly.)

NSG: Is that your dress?

Squirt: It's my Awouwa dwess.

NSG: Squirt, do boys wear dresses?

Squirt: (cocks head to the side) I like my Awouwa dwess.

NSG: OK. But do boys wear dresses to church?

Squirt: No.

NSG: What do boys wear?

Squirt: Big Boy Pants!

NSG: And what else? Do they wear pants?

Squirt: Yes.

NSG: And shirts?

Squirt: Yes!

NSG: What color shirts?

Squirt: Wainbow!!

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