Nov 8, 2010

Confessional: 25 random embarrassing things

I wrote this list in response to a friend whom I have never met, who lives in west virginia. I purposefully only replied to her request on her post because I did NOT want all my friends and family to see it. But then I spent 30 minutes writing it and so I thought, what the heck. I better post it here because I can't justify the time spent otherwise.

Yeah. Anyway... these are EMBARRASSING things about me so they're not necessarily meant to reflect WELL on me. Just keep that in mind.

1) My favorite food is sushi and yes, a piece of that may actually be posturing.
2) I still pick my nose. Sometimes in my bathroom, but sometimes right out in public. I feel like I have to because it gets crusty and painful and a kleenex just don't do the trick. Maybe I have allergies.
3) I express strong political opinions but in reality, every single argument still sways me. Which is why I express myself so strongly... I'm trying to convince myself.
4) I love Jazz but hate the kind of jazz that the real "jazz intellectuals" are suppsoed to love. Louis Armstrong: Yes. Thelonius Monk: Yawn.
5) I yell at my kids at least once a day. I try not to. And every once in a while I spank them... I try not to. **edited to add... By yell, I mean scold with a voice raised somewhat above normal. Not scream or shatter glass or anything... I got a concerned email**
6) I am actually a very good mom, but I always discount myself when I am around other moms because I'm afraid they'll think I"m full of myself.
7) Like Mary in pride and prejudice, I sing and am always "impatient for display" but would curl up and die if anyone knew that about me. Since you're in west virginia, it doesn't seem as bad that you might.
8) I try to pretend that the fact that we have chosen a simple lifestyle is the most wonderful thing and I'm completely happy, but sometimes I do wish we drove a shiny car and lived in a house that would make our neighbors think twice about yelling parenting suggestions over the fence.
9) Secretly I want to be Renee Fleming or Lia Salonga.
10) I love my husband but have a secret crush on Mattew McCoughnaghuey and Tom Selleck.
11) I'm a Mormon.
12) I'm also not so clear on how I feel about those gay marriage propositions. If one of them came to Utah, I'd be very conflicted and not know exactly what to do. And I clam up about Gay Marriage whenever anyone I don't know well enough brings up the subject, on either side.
13) I love my kids and secretly think they're better than everyone else's kids.
14) I secretly do think public school is a giant waste of time and money, but I realize it needs to be in place, for the same reasons as universal healthcare.
15) I'm a real hermet, too shy to approach people, but I wish people would just walk into my yard and talk to me, though nobody would guess it.
16) I LOVE grape soda and grape candy. That radioactive grape flavor is my absolute favorite.
17) I HATE brussel sprouts and all kinds of lettuce, even though I make myself and my kids eat a generous helping of veggies everyday, often salad.
18) I get cranky, and everyone knows it, no matter how hard I try to hide it.
19) If I could have a superpower, it would be the power to read minds. Really. I want to KNOW what you're thinking, even if it's completely negative and about me.
20) My name is {Nosurfgirl}. I am an internet addict.
21) The older my kids get, the more I see the wisdom of being one of those "wierd" homeschooling families even though I used to despise those families and think they gave homeschoolers a bad name.
22) I hate Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Hate. Hate. Hate.
23) But I would write it myself if it made me the money it's made him.
24) My little boy is going through temper tantrum fits and it's partly because I can't give him enough attention.
25) I am a secret poet.


Putz said...

i knew all that about you already>>>>click icon{very short} and critic it, please>>>apppreciate that >>.thank you very much

Putz said...

only half my message resistered>>>>it is not that i am lamei said go to my side bar>>>SIDEBAR>>>CLICK ICON FOR MEGAN'S STORY

Dave L said...

Not much to comment except that I absolutely agree with you on Percy Jackson. Every time I hear someone say they are good books, I vomit in my mouth. Just a little.

And I also agree that I too would have written them if I could have made the money. When I reviewed them, I think I mentioned that those books should be an inspiration to every budding author. After all, if that utter literary garbage could get published....

Michemily said...

So glad to have found another lettuce hater. :)

Fern said...

Although being a Mormon is something you can be proud of and not embarrassed.

NoSurfGirl said...

oh, for sure.

I guess embarrassing is not the right word. I should say... has the potential to make others doubt me (depending on the audience). The person I wrote to is not LDS, and is kind of anti-organized-religion ;)

merrilykaroly said...

I hate jazz. And Mozart. And most classical music instruments. And I majored in music.

Rachel said...

i would love to pop into your yard and chat you up! (you can even pick your nose while I am there)

NoSurfGirl said...

Awww. Thank you rachel. let's pick our noses over a fencepost sometime :D

You know, I've never met you and that's sad. But then, I don't know when we would, other than when we both happen to be in CA for a holiday sometime. But I love looking at pics of your little girl... what an amazing pair of eyes and impish little smile she has!!!