Nov 3, 2010


I am getting ready to submit some stuff to western humanities review and segullah magazine for their fall writing contests. I have come up with which submissions I think are most appropriate.

One of these is a poem I have been working on for, literally years. I completely revamped it today... gave it a form, and deleted and added some lines and I need HELP. For those of you out there who read and love poetry, you literary-type people:

please tell me which words make you stop and not keep reading, which phrases or words are not continuous with the image, which ones make you giggle because of their deep-purple nature.


I'm asking... you... to... criticize... me. Yes I am.

Go here: Three Miles With Ghandi



I am now actively submitting, so I have taken the poem off public view so that it is "unpublished" and therefore submissable :) Thanks.



Anonymous said...

ummmm....the link to the poem doesn't

Putz said...

the first time i met you years ago i conversed with you about ghandi>><<<><><do you remeber?????????????????