Nov 6, 2010

My Professional Website

I have had a piece of my writing accepted by an online literary journal. (!)

So. This week I spent time updating and putting together my professional website. It has blurbs on all of the novels that I am currently working on, as well as a bio. And exactly two posts.

With this foray into creating a professional identity for myself online, I will probably start commenting as myself instead of NoSurfGirl, but here, on my personal blog, I will remain anonymous and so will my children.

I will post a link to my site in this one post, and that is all. I do have a link to this blog on my professional site... my intention is that traffic from there will go here, but I don't want a whole lot of traffic (people who don't comment who I don't ever interact with, for instance) headed over to where I am NOT anonymous.

So... I will post this link, but please, everyone, don't use my full name on this blog in future. Putz, this means you :)




Sarah said...

Congratulations!!!! Woohoo!!!!

Your new site looks great, too!

(are you interested in a few typos there that I noticed?)

NoSurfGirl said...

definitely interested. A new pair of eyes always finds what your own, can't... I threw it together in just a few hours so there are BOUND to be typos... the danger of writing.

the quirky one in the family said...

Congrats on that! What a great thing for you, I bet that just made your week! I like your website, and the last part of your bio ~ it made me giggle!

Putz said...

how bout"sweeteecomesno surfcarxhtxch the wave as your name???????????

Rachel said...

congrats! !