Oct 30, 2010

Things We Say: Halloween

(setting--NSG has bought a few discount wigs for Halloween, thinking they would add some fun to the littler girls' princess costumes. She bought a black one for MayMay, and a blond one for Jaws, and, like she ought to have predicted, each girl immediately reached for the opposite color hair.)

MaMay: (preening in front of the mirror) Mommy, I wanted and wanted you to buy me beautiful blond curly hair.

Jaws: I love my black hair! (stroking it with her hand.)

(Pictures will follow.)

(setting: the girls are in the car on the way to a music-class-halloween party, full Halloween regalia)

Jaws: I'm--We're all pretty.

Loli: Yeah.

Jaws: I was going to say I am the prettiest, but I only said it in my head.

NSG: Walks out of her room on Halloween morning.

All the kids see her and begin jumping around, making sounds that are half-joyful-shriek and half-gleeful laughter.

Kids: It's Halloween, Mom! It's Halloween!

NSG: I think there are a bunch of little piggies in my living room.

MayMay: (laughs with unrestrained glee) And you're the Mommy Pig!

Loli: *Smirks*

NSG: I walked right into that one.


the quirky one in the family said...

May May is too silly funny! You know, she meant that in the best of ways :-) If you have a little litter of piglets, then it only stands to reason...! I love it! And I love that you write down all their cute sayings, what a great thing it will be for you all to go back and reread your entries in a few years and remember how quirky and silly everyone was!

Putz said...

oink oink, you mamamam pig>>>i am sure she meant that just the way you took it

merrilykaroly said...

Jaws: I was going to say I am the prettiest, but I only said it in my head.

Hahaha! This one's my favorite.

Dave L said...

I always knew that Jeff was a bore. :-)