Oct 14, 2010

Things We Say--Natural Remedies

(Setting: Baby Rose has just thrown up.)

NSG: (feeling Rose's forehead) I think she's got a fever.

Skywalker: Hmm. (feels her forehead.) Yes, she does feel a little hot.

NSG: Maybe we should put some peppermint on her feet and tummy.

Skywalker: Do we have any?

NSG: Maybe not. I think we used it up. Maybe lavendar instead?

Skywalker: And some fennel.

NSG: Maybe some oregano would help, too...

Skywalker: We should grate a little ginger, put a drop of the juice on her tongue...

Dave: (looking up from his computer, and giving NSG and Skywalker a strange look) Are you treating her, or seasoning her?


Dave L said...

Even I will admit that she was sounding somewhat tasty, but I kept thinking to myself "these two are vegetarians... Surely they wouldn't eat their own child...."

Tracy said...

haha! And then you have to read Dave's comment-- it just tops the cake!

merrilykaroly said...