Oct 3, 2010

The passing of a generation

Skywalker's last remaining biological grandparent passed away this morning. He was 95, and pretty much going strong until he started failing this last year. We all knew it was close, in fact, have been preparing for a while. The opportunity to come out for the girls' sealing provided an opportunity for my mother-in-law to say goodbye. I watched her, during the visit... she was saying good-bye every day. Every minute. She spent as much time as she could with Grandpa C., kissing him, cuddling him, showing him how much she loved him. And now he's passed, and I think everyone feels peace and resolution. This has not been a tragedy, it's been like a coming of age, a next-step sort of thing.

This all hits me in two ways.

1) I'm about 20 years behind, generation-wise. I've only lost 1 grandparent,but I have to face the fact that we're going to say goodbye to all of them in the next 20 years. I'm not sure I'm ready for that.

2) Skywalker is a lot like Grandpa C. They look alike, and they have similar personalities, likes, and interests. As an example, this is something my sister-in-law, Emily, wrote regarding a picture she took of him holding our youngest.

"With Grandpa's failing health he hasn't known who we, his children and grandchildren, are anymore. It's been awhile since I've seen the grandpa I remember, the old man with that smile in his eyes. He didn't have to be reminded that he can't remember any of us anymore, as soon as he saw this baby he knew what to do, just hold her!"

When our kids were sealed to us and blessed the next Sunday, everyone came over afterward for a get-together. Grandpa was in and out of reality. He didn't exactly know who everyone was all the time. He was sitting under a tree in our yard, and Skywalker came up to him with baby Rose. Grandpa was asking about the baby. Finally Skywalker said, "would you like to hold her?"

"Well, yes!" Was Grandpa's prompt response.

Grandpa loved children, and he had a soft spot for his little girls.

He is kind, a peacemaker. He had two wives. One of them passed away when his family was still young, the other kept him company until he died this morning, at 95.

I look at Grandpa C. and I see my husband in 60 years. And it makes me happy. How blessed I was when I married into this family, and how blessed our children are to have a great-grandfather and a father like Grandpa C. and Skywalker.





NoSurfGirl said...

btw cousin emily took the last picture. here is her photography website.

the quirky one in the family said...

I'm sorry for the sadness that comes with the death of a family member, but am glad at the comfort and peace of mind you guys have about it as well.

The last picture of him with Rose is classic - he has such a wonderful "old man" look to him, and Rose looks like a little porcelain doll.

the nice one said...

what a beautiful post! how blessed your family has been to have grandpa c in your life