Oct 21, 2010

Things We Say

NSG: Snack time!

All the girls: Apples! Can we have apples mom? Can we have apples?

NSG: *frowns in confusion* You don't want bananas this time? Not even you, MayMay? You never finish an apple when I give it to you.

MayMay: *Shakes head vehemently* No Mom. I want an apple. A RED apple. I'll finish it, I promise!

NSG: Well, OK then. (hands out apples.)

Bella: I want the reddest one, MOM!

Jaws: No, I want the reddest one!

NSG: They all taste just as sweet, girls. Here. (randomly hands out apples)

MayMay: *Gleeful chuckle* Look how RED mine is.

Bella: Ok, now die!!

Loli: I'm going to die first.

NSG: *whips head around, just in time to see Loli slink gracefully to the floor, apple-hand outflung, eyelids fluttering.*

NSG: *Baffled stare* Are you OK, Loli?

Bella: Now MY turn. Watch me, mommy! Watch me die! *takes a bite from apple, falls to knees, then crashes to the floor, allowing the apple to roll from her hand*

NSG: What are you doing?

MayMay: We're snow white, mom!

NSG: Ah. *Walks back to kitchen sink.*

NSG: Well, at least they'll finish their apples this time.


merrilykaroly said...

I knew it. I totally saw that one coming.

Putz said...

oh my gosh all those girls dying waiting for a prince to kiss them and wake them up