Oct 24, 2010

Healthy Chocolate Milk substitute

I looove chocolate milk and I crave it sometimes. My favorite is Ovaltine, the chocolate malt flavor. This combination tastes, to me, very similar.

8 oz of milk (any kind--soy, almond, cow,etc)
1/2 tsp blackstrap molasses
1/2 tsp barley malt.

mix well.

the nice thing about this drink is that, while molasses has sugar, blackstrap molasses in particular has a huge "bang for your buck" as I like to call it. Meaning... it's nutritionally dense. In ways that are important to My body.
For instance, it has potassium (17 % DV in a tablespoon) iron (20%), calcium (20%). of course, you'd never have a tablespoon in one sitting. But as we vegetarians know, every tiny bit of iron and calcium helps.

So you're drinking chocolate milk, but, when you also count the nutrients in Milk, Soymilk, or Almond Milk, it's nutritionally almost as good as drinking V-8 or any other nutritionally dense drink (except there is a bit more sugar :)


merrilykaroly said...

*guiltily gets up and takes her empty cup of what was once Nestle hot cocoa with marshmallows into the kitchen*

NoSurfGirl said...


I love hot chocolate with marshmallows.

I just can't drink it every day :/ and this... I could! (I think)

David L said...

Courtney makes a wonderful chocolaty treat that starts with Postum substitute (I forget what it is called). By the time she's done, it's rich, creamy, and entirely sugar free.