Aug 27, 2006

mommy bloopers

So herein lies my deepest, darkest, mommy confessions.

1) I have a hard time remembering to cut my daughters' toenails. I think I cut them just about once every six months. They get all curly and gross before I remember-- usually during sandal weather.

2) I get up at least three times in the middle of the night to see if my FOUR-YEAR-OLD is still in her bed, and still breathing.

3) Sometimes buy go-gurts and juice boxes. And when I do buy them, I use them. Myself. Sometimes twice a day.

4) Sometimes I threaten my daugther with an impossible punishment (eg, "if you don't put your shoes and socks on, you'll have to walk barefoot through the snow.")

5) I have a hard time sharing the macarroni and cheese, when I break down and buy it "for my daughter".

6) Sometimes my baby goes for three days without a bath. (They smell so sweet, though!! You just forget.)

7) When breastfeeding, I always feel a need to multitask come on-- I have to breathe deeply, look into those ginormous blue eyes, and tell myself I'm not being lazy.

8) I'm MAKING my 4 year old learn how to ride a bike. And just now, after about 6 months of pushing, she's becoming a little self motivated. Who ever thought that good, old-fasioned fun would invovle so many teary afternoons?

9) Whenever I buy new clothes for my daughter (because she NEEDS them, she's still growing, unlike me) I get jealous and have to buy something for myself.

10) OK-- this is a one time occurrence. But it's the reason for writing this post. My most recent, very embarrassing mommy blooper--- somehow, lolly made it to church today without wearing panties under her dress. And also no stockings, no nothing, just BUCK NAKED under there. SO I go to the mother's room to nurse Jaws, and Loli bends over and dad is HORRIFIED to discover this, and rushes her home in the middle of sacrament meeting (Which, thankfully, is only about 100 yards away from the building.)

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SO funny.