Aug 17, 2006

nearly 27

OK, am I the only one who gets embarrassed when people do/say nice things for/to you?

Today is my birthday. (Yay! Happy birthday to me. I'm 26. Which I realized last night, means that NEXT YEAR I will be 27. That was a mind-numbing realization. Now I know that there are some out there who would be like, what are you complaining about, girl? 27??? But think back, people... remember what it was like for YOU to turn 27 and go from being in your mid twenties to being in your LATE 20's. I'm not even ready to call myself a woman yet! And I'm not mature enough to be someone in her late 20's... people are going to start expecting me to use correct grammar and my 'like's' and 'um's' when public speaking will no longer be cute.)

Anyway, huge parenthetical tangent aside, my SIL brought me by pound cake. Which I love. Which she knew, because Skywalker made it on my birthday last year. And she drove five miles (a long distance when you're only used to driving a couple of blocks to the grocery store, walking 2 blocks to church, etc) to bring it to me for my birthday.

So, turn red, stutter, "thanks", laugh strainedly at funny card, feel intensely guilty... is that normal?

I think it might be a little wierd... she's my SIL. And I love her. And I do nice stuff for her!

Ok, time to get my act together and decide I'm a matronly, mature, self-possessed creature of Canonic proportions.

I'm nearly 27, for crying out loud.
and I'm going to eat that entire pound cake.
(thanks, SIL, if you're reading this... it really did make my day).


Jeff said...

I went through a quarter-life crisis when I turned 26. 27 wasn't too bad. Now, I turn 28 next month, and I'm scared to death! :) Happy B-day, and enjoy the pound cake.

Lucy Stern said...

You're complaining about 26 and 27! Honey bun, I'm 56 and still rolling along. Happy Birthday!

Maren said...

Happy Birthday! Enjoy that pound cake. Sounds wonderful.

I'm 31, but my husband is heading toward 40. The age difference didn't seem so big in my earlier 20s, but now it's starting to hit home. Time keeps on marching by.....and it goes by faster each year, it seems.

NoSurfGirl said...

I know, I know...
youth is wasted on the young and all that.

my dad is 54 and I don't think he's even slightly old.

But I'M not supposed to be 27!