Aug 15, 2006

Spicy food humility

I have found out, to my shame, that I'm a spicy-food wimp.

All this time, growing up, I thought I was pretty good at eating spiciness. My dad went on his mission to Korea, and fed me extra-hot kimchee from the time I was six years old. Straight from the jar. Seriously. And I always choked it down, smiled a big smile at him, and pretended that the inside of my mouth didn't need skin grafts. He was so proud of me.

So today, I went to a Relief Society function where they ate Korean food. We all sat at the table, and they passed around the kimchee. Taking a big bite and chewing thoughtfully (keeping my face carefully neutral, despite the hot lava feeling inside my mouth) I mentioned to the ladies across from me that they ought to be careful-- it was too hot, and they probably wouldn't enjoy it. I'm sure I sounded really condescending.

They both tried it, looked at each other, looked at me and shrugged. "It doesn't taste that hot," one of them said.

I couldn't believe it. The incredulousity must have shown on my face because the other woman shrugged too. "Maybe the kind you are used to is hotter, or something?"

Accordingly, I tried another bite for comparison. Big mistake. Two bites of extra-hot kimchee within 3 minutes: not a pleasant experience.

So what is wrong with me? Am I actually a spicy food wimp? Or did Heavenly Father protect their sensitive mouths from the hotness in order to teach me a lesson in spicy-food humility?


Margaret said...

Yeah, I call myself a "Sissy Mouth." I can't do the spicy either.

Maren said...

My brother went on his mission to Korea. I am proud of myself for trying Kimchee.....once. That was enough. Give me Indian food though, and that is another story. Yummmmmm.

mamamormon said...

I noticed after having kids - my tastes changed and I can't handle spicy as well. weeeeeeeeep

NoSurfGirl said...


Maybe that's why I can't handle fruity pebbles anymore.

NoSurfGirl said...

mamamormon, I can't find your blog anywhere. If you want, could you send it to me?