Jan 1, 2008

Easy, Quick, Delicious pineapple upside down cake

This is one of my most FAVORITE ways to manipulate a cake mix. MMMM. (does that sound dirty? Sorry. Wasn't meant to be. I don't think.)

1 butter-recipe yellow cake mix +ingredients to make said cake mix
2/3 cup apricot jam
1 can of pineapple rings
3 TB butter.

Melt the butter in a 9X13 pan in the oven. Mix the juice from the pineapple rings and the apricot jam together, pour over the melted butter. Lay the pineapple rings evenly over the bottom of the pan. Stick the pecans in the middle of the pineapple rings. Pour the prepared cake batter (according to box instructions) over these layers. Bake according to oven directions, then find a flat serving dish of some kind that is oven-safe. Carefully turn the pan over, wait a few minutes for the cake to come unglued, tap carefully all over the bottom of the pan before carefully removing. Soemtimes the pineapple rings stay stuck to the bottom of the pan, just peel them off and put them back on the cake. Put cake in the oven for an additional 2-3 minutes, to get that nice, brown-sticky-glaze thing going.

Serve warm or cold. Cold is more yummy in my opinion.

Note: this recipe is not healthy, but it IS vegetarian. It would be vegan even, if the cake mix didn't require eggs. :)


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Jeremy said...

I hope is wasn't meant to be dirty because I can think of much better ways to manipulate cake batter.

NoSurfGirl said...

Ok... which jeremy was that? In either case, I'm shocked and amazed.... lol.